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imageOur body is a wonderful machine with its own rhythm and perfect alignment. It is self-balancing constantly, every second. All systems, organs, tissues and cells are balanced, however sometimes due to poor posture, stress, accidents, we generate blockages in our body; that causes an imbalance, which manifest into discomfort, aches and pains of varying degrees and periods. 

At Akasha our motto is to give our customers a RESULT that generates a CHANGE in their health.

Our goal is to: Alleviate, soothe, and relieve symptoms. Reduce: pain, stress, agitation, anxiety. Increase: joint movement, relax muscle, improve mood, etc. ... pursue a POSITIVE CHANGE in their HEALTH.  

How? Selecting the adequate advanced techniques. Setting a reasonable time and frequency of sessions; setting parameters of results for a healing outcome to occur. Manipulating the muscular system so that your body will auto reset and affects physical, biochemical and mental level.  

Our clients understand that in order to have a transformational experience, they must be committed to discovering better health.

I hope that you decide to work with me and start you journey of discovery to better health.

Thank you, 


Clauda Gonzalez, LMT, MMP

Lic. # MT109192


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