NES Health Service

                    If you ...

 Suffer from unresolved conditions that have not improved with diet,

exercise, western or eastern medicine or buckets of positive thinking.


Maybe it's time for you to consider and try NES Health, as an option for you.


The human structure is extremely complex and it is good to explore all the factors within the biochemical and bioenergetic realms that could serve as blocking factors for healing. We must consider that most of our activities are carried out due to the energy that is handled and transformed in it, and in many cases must be combined with other tools to help and address aspects of what is happening with someone to regain health.

NES Health is a wonderful tool that analyzes the entire body-field looking at energetic aspects of the body and mind. This system is based on principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and quantum biophysics.

Nes Health provides a multifaceted understanding of the human body-field, along with, safe, proven methods of correcting obstructed or disconnected energetic imbalances.


How does NES Health  work?

The NES health system uses a scan to evaluate the entire energy field of the body, revealing the energy that is obstructed or disconnected, and also shows us the opportunities to support the person in their change, growth and  health. It provides personalized protocols in which infoceuticals and mihealth are included in each session.


Also, NES health system uses the infoceuticals to correct specific energetic imbalances. The infoceuticals are liquid remedies made of water and sea minerals, which are imprinted with information designed to correct the imbalances.

And finally, the NES health system uses miHealth, a device that is used to rejuvenate energy fields  during scan sessions.



Big advantages:

  1. Its process is simple and simple to follow.
  2. Its price and effectiveness compared to other therapies are VERY reasonable and affordable.